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We've scoured the 7 Seas to bring you a great assortment of bicycles to choose from. When selecting your size, measure from the ground to the inside of your groin area. This will tell you whether you need a 52" or 54" bicycle. Consider how you will ride the bike also. If you are commuting by bicycle to work, you will need a sturdy bike. Riding on the beach? Choose a cruiser with wide wheels and a cushiony seat. If you want to race, pick a lightweight road bike. Be warned though! Once you buy one, you may want another!

Don't sail off looking like a scurvy landlubber! This collection of cycling apparel will help you look good while streamlining your form to make you sleek and fast. Be sure to read the reviews to see how your choice fits others. Some manufacturers make their clothing tighter than others. There are hundreds of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from, allowing you to express your personality or riding style. There's even a bright pirate themed cycling jersey! Just don't wear it with an eyepatch, unless you only have one eye!

Outfit your ride with the latest gadgets. Stay safe with USB front and rear lights, bicycle helmets, bells and cycling glasses. We also have cycling computers, cadence sensors, and bicycle cell phone holders. Can't find the right product you are looking for? Check out all of our products here.